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hitachi Airis II MRIThis is a well-established, very profitable ACR-accredited Imaging Center in a very desirable and fast-growing town near a major metro area. The Center was built by the current owner, who is a respected Chiropractor. It initially offered Open MRI, Ultrasound (for OB-GYN patients) in addition to MRI and X-ray services. Of late, the Center has focused on its MRI and X-ray services and a large part of its practice is providing services for Personal Injury and Workers Compensation cases. The Center has established excellent relationships with Doctors, Lawyers and brokers.
The Center accepts government and most major private insurances.


Dynawell systemThe Center offers the Dynawell simulated weight-bearing device of the lumbar spine that provides a way to enhance the amount of load on the lumbar discs in order to better see the effect of load on them. This makes it easier to visualize the amount of disc bulge or herniation seen in the lumbar spine.  Additionally, the Center provides detailed reports that are more effective in the medical-legal market because we are not simply screening reports for large pathology or fracture. Center’s radiologists are more detailed in describing their findings in order to help the Attorneys for Personal Injury cases. Additionally, patients understand the degree of injury they have sustained, thus helping with the legal aspects of their case.

The Center provides transportation for patients that have difficulty traveling, and they can do this with cases that are on a lien. This is something none of their competitors are offering at this time.

They have some MRI protocols in place that are very helpful for trauma patients – something that their competitors do not have in place. The buyer will gain significant marketing advantage from these.

The Center also provides flexion/ extension protocols of the cervical and lumbar spine that can further enhance the degree of details seen.  These findings are very helpful in medical - legal cases in both, the workers comp, and personal injury patient.

For workers comp patients, they offer pre-authorization service that takes the burden off the referring physician and makes it easy for them to use the Center for their work comp needs.

Being small and not Corporate, the Center is able to make quicker decisions and able to provide more personalized services.


The Center has built a strong foundation that can be built upon by the new owner. The Center has built solid relationships with referring physicians, their office staff, and Personal Injury Attorneys. They have provided seminars for Workers Comp and Personal Injury, the owner organizes lunches and dinners and mixers, and they keep up relationships with office staff of referring physician offices.  They also provide a reduced cash price of $399 for workers comp cases and provide free transportation.



The Company has ACR-accreditation, contracts with major insurance companies, Contracts with OCM and also with multiple brokers for Workers Comp cases


Company works out of leased space of under 2,000 square feet.


Company employs one Front Desk Manager and one MRI technician.


Two competing centers are about 15-17 miles away.


The seller owns a number of imaging centers in the area and wants to slow down a little.


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