Buyers Looking for Imaging Centers

These are some of the requests from past months.
We also have some standing requests from a few groups.

TECH-BUY: Requirements
1037 Imaging Center in West Coast Bay Area
1038 Imaging Center in Arizona
1039 Women's center in Georgia
1041 Imaging center in southern Florida
1042 Mobile Xray / Ultrasound in NJ/PA/DE
1049 Imaging Center in Florida
1061 Large Imaging Center - greater than $5 million in revenue
1072 Distressed Centers in NY / NJ area
1074 looking for imaging center in Missoiuri , Louisiana or Michigan-MD & 800 K budget.
1076 Looking for a center in SF area
1077 Profitable High Field centers
1079 Looking for Multi-modal Imaging Center in NY or NJ
1098 Womens Center in Atlanta
2007 A Canadian buyer looking for an experience partner for Imaging center business. Can invest about $500k and wants to become an active partner.
2012 Looking for Centers in MA, Washington, Indiana, MO, VA, WA, MN, WI. Also pain management center
2014 Wants good imaging centers in South Florida
2015 Looking for imaging center in Orange county CA
2016 Looking to buy or partner with an  Imaging Center in South Florida.
2017 interested to buy xray and ultrasound in Dallas or surrounding area
2018 purchasing an imaging center near Southlake, Texas. Looking for any or all of the following: MRI, CT, US,Mammography, plain X-ray,
2051 Interested in MRI / Ultrasound center and other similar opportunities in SE Michigan.also medical & surgical equipment sales company
2052 Interested in MRI center in in Memphis, West Tn or the surrounding areas, Budget under $1.25 million

The buyers include other imaging centers, PE groups, radiologists and radiology groups, business owners, chains