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- Tech-3371: Profitable, well-established, Multimodal Imaging Center in South West Offers Platform for Growth

-Tech-3372: Attractive Partnership Opportunity for a Radiologist with Florida License

-Tech-3325: Rent to Own - Women's Imaging Center in an Affluent Metro area in the South East

-Tech-3307: Semi-retired Radiologist owned, High-field MRI Center in an Affluent Area on the West Coast with Excellent Growth Potential

-Tech-3332: Very Profitable, Upright MRI Center in a Medical Corridor in North East with Good Growth Potential

Imaging Centers / Radiology Clinics

cardiogram_bullet_icon Tech-3372: Attractive Partnership Opportunity for a Radiologist with Florida License. A Group with three Imaging Centers in Florida is seeking a radiologist partner. The centers are located in Central West Florida and offer MRI, CT, US and X-ray services. The radiologist (or Group) will serve as Medical Director of the centers and provide contrast coverage and readings. Requirements include detailed reporting for MSK and Neuro reads. Ideally, radiologist will be an MSK specialist and sourcing out Neuro reading. Scan volume is about 10,000 scans and growing. Attractive compensation, partnership opportunity in the centers, and growth opportunity as the company grows. ...contact us

cardiogram_bullet_iconTech-3371: Profitable, well-established, Multimodal Imaging Center in South West Offers Platform for Growth. This ACR-accredited Center offers MRI/MRA (high field), CT, X-ray, Ultrasound and DEXA. All the equipment are fully paid off and there is no lease payments. It is located in a modern professional park with many physicians' offices within walking distance. The owner has another medical practice and wants to divest this business after running it for 5 years. Business has good growth potential with better marketing. Revenue: $815K, EBITDA: $112K, $243K for a Radiologist buyer; Asking Price: $750K. ... more ...contact us

cardiogram_bullet_iconUNDER LOI Tech-3368: Profitable Open MRI Imaging Centers in Midwest with Growth Potential. Profitable Open MRI Center located in major metro area in the Midwest. This single modality center has room for some expansion to add additional modalities and the ability to expand in the vacant space next door. The center has been in business for 13 years and is having one of its best year over year increases since it opened. MRI volume is up 10% YTD (about 104 scans a month). The Center has an Aries II (industry workhorse), and is accredited via IAC through August 2018. There is room for growth by more active marketing by an energetic owner and by adding additional modalities (e.g. X-Ray and US) to attract more referrals. Revenues for the center are projecting $500,000 for 2016 with an Adjusted EBITDA of $100,000 (for a radiologist). Ideal for Radiologist buyer. ...contact us

cardiogram_bullet_iconTech-3325: Women's Imaging Center in an Affluent Metro area in the South East. Special Offer - Rent to own! Established nine years ago, this women’s center is located in an upscale area in suburb of a major metropolitan city in the South East. Center offers Digital Mammography, Digital Ultrasound services, and Bone Density Studies (DEXA). This Center went through a downturn due to a large group of referring physicians joining a hospital, but now its financials are improving. Great price for a profitable multi-modal center. It is ideal for a radiologist. Revenue (2016) $443K; Net Profit: $57K, for a Radiologist buyer: $121K ; Assets (including build-out): ~$300K; Asking Price: $300K. Or rent it to own. Rent it for $9K month that includes facility and equipment and 25 hours per month of manager's time. The seller pays for other operating expenses. ...more ...contact us

cardiogram_bullet_iconSOLD Tech-3362: State-of-the-Art Women's Imaging Center in an Excellent Location in North East Looking for a Strategic Partner. This is a rare opportunity to partner with a talented entrepreneur to own part of this state-of-the-art multi-modal Women’s Imaging Center. Center accepts all insurances is ACR accredited. Started about a year ago, is near break even now, and revenue for the next 12 months is projected to be at $700K and for 2018 at $1.1 million (EBITDA of about $300-400K). ..more ...contact us

cardiogram_bullet_iconUNDER LOITech-3353: Very Profitable, Multi-locaton, Specialty Imaging Centers. This 10+ years old company has carved a niche in a specialty imaging area (MSK imaging), and has created a strong brand name. The operation is very nimble and enjoys low operational cost and strong and consistent EBITDA margins (31% last year). Gross Revenue: $1.4 million, EBITDA: $379K, Asking Price: $1.4 million. ...more ....contact us

cardiogram_bullet_iconUNDER LOI Tech-3332: Very Profitable, Upright MRI Center in a Medical Corridor in North East with Good Growth Potential. This is an established 8-year old Center and one of only a handful of upright centers in the state. Gross Revenue 1.66 million; EBITDA: $426K; one of the radiologist partners would like to stay behind. Asking Price: $1.75 million (includes $300K of collectible accounts receivable, and prepaid expenses / cash that the buyer will get) ...more ...contact us

cardiogram_bullet_iconTech-3307: Semi-retired Radiologist owned, High-field MRI Center in an Affluent Area on the West Coast with Excellent Growth Potential. This Center is now running only part-time and with roughly under $400K in annual revenue since Radiologist owner is semi-retired. It has Symphony 1.5T high field MRI (2012 Symphony short Bore). The Center also has a build-out for CT / mammo, should the buyer want to put it. The Center is in a wealthy exclusive area. However, the scan volume in 2015 was up by 35% over the year before (about 112 scans per month). The center has a great deal of potential for an energetic owner. Gross Revenue (2015): $356K (projected from 6 months); Discretionary Earnings: $23K ($81K for a radiologist); Asking Price at $600K. Includes assets worth about $850K that include MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound and build-out. Owner highly motivated for a quick sale as they are looking to retire and travel. ...more ...contact us

cardiogram_bullet_iconUNDER LOI Tech-3366: Two-year Old, Spa-like Multimodal Imaging Center in North East is looking for a strategic partner to accelerate growth. This Center already has a revenue of over $1 million per year and is in network with most insurances. This is a new industry for business owners and they are from out of state. Although they have laid a good foundation, the Center can do a lot better with a more experienced partner who can bring experience and cost savings. The Center has 3T MRI, PET-CT, Mammo, US, DEXA, X-ray and is in network with excellent contracts. They have invested $3.8 million (including facility upgrade) and all but $1.3 million is paid off. Revenue: $1.13 million (first full year), EBITDA: $250K. ... more

cardiogram_bullet_iconUNDER LOI Tech-3341: Very profitable, State-of-the-art, Multimodal Imaging Center with MRI, PET/CT, Nuclear Medicine and more in the Midwest. This Center is a freestanding outpatient medical imaging center in the Midwest, and offers, MRI ,PET/CT MRA, CT, X-ray, Digital Mammography, Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy, EKG, Echo cardiogram, Breast Biopsy, DEXA,Nuclear Medicine,  and more. 2015 Revenue: $3.95 million, EBITDA: $1.15 million. ...more

cardiogram_bullet_iconSOLD Tech-3336: Once Very Profitable Multi modal Imaging Center, Neurological and Sleep Center, Pain Management, Physical Therapy Center in North East. This 25+ year old Center and Integrated Medical Practice was recently closed down due to health considerations of the seller. 2013 revenue:$5.93 million, EBITDA: 2.8 million; Asset Value: $3 million. ...more ...contact us

cardiogram_bullet_iconSOLD Tech-3335: Profitable, Well-Established Multi-location, Multi-modal Imaging Center in SE USA. Total Revenue (of all three centers): $2.9 million; EBITDA: $530K. ...more ...contact us

cardiogram_bullet_iconSOLDTech-3333: Profitable, well-established, Women's Imaging Center in the South East with New Modern Equipment. Well-established, Radiologist owned Imaging Center providing Digital Mammography and Ultrasound. Radiologist, who has owned this center for past 14 years is looking to spend more time with family, but can continue with the buyer in helping out. Revenue: $1.44 million; EBITDA: $367K ; EBITDA for a Radiologist Buyer: $600K; Asking Price: $1.35 million; Real Estate Available Separately at Market Price (~$650K) ...more ... contact us

cardiogram_bullet_iconSOLD Tech-3329: Very Profitable PET/CT Center in a Prime Location in the North East. This radiologist-owned 6-year old center is in a very affluent town, and is located in a medical building next to a major regional hospital. Radiologist has relocated out of state and is not able to provide as much attention in growing the business. Center enjoys excellent reputation and has great growth potential. Gross Revenue: $1.54 million; EBITDA: $540K. ... more ...contact us

cardiogram_bullet_iconOFF THE MARKET Tech-3258: Profitable, Radiologist-owned, Multi-modal Imaging Center in an Affluent Community in the North East. This is an ultra-modern, upscale, three year old state-of-the-art center that provides Digital Mammography, high field MRI, CAT scans, ultrasound and X-ray services. The center provides the most diversified radiology services including interventional work. Practice also performs MRA, CTA studies, and biopsies. All equipment in the Center is ACR-accredited The center also runs an off-site X-ray facility at a busy surgery center. Although open to 100% sale, the Radiologist-owner would prefer an established large Corporation to take over a majority stake and free him from general business and administrative duty.

cardiogram_bullet_icon SOLD Tech-3302: Very Well-Established, Very Profitable, Multi-modal, Imaging Center in the South East USA. This is a radiologist-owned ACR-accredited, center, which offers multi-modal services including Open MRI, CT, X-ray and Fluoroscopy, Mammography, Bone Density, Ultrasound, and CT Angiography. Radiologist wants to retire from day-to-day management of the center but could provide professional radiological services if the buyer so wishes. ...more ...contact us

cardiogram_bullet_icon SOLD Tech-3242: Profitable Multi-Location, Multi-Modal Imaging Centers in Popular Urban Areas of Northwest. A great opportunity to purchase a profitable center with three profitable locations in the Northwest; two of which have multi-modal services. Gross Revenue:$3.2 million, Adjusted EBITDA:$474K, (Cash Flow for a radiologist buyer:$871K). ...more ...contact us

cardiogram_icon SOLD Tech- 3236: Profitable MRI Diagnostic Imaging Center in North East with High Field and Open MRI Machines. This 8-year old MRI Diagnostic Imaging Center is the leading independent center in the region with two MRI units, a strong staff, solid results, and room for expansion for adding other modalities. Exams are performed on the facility's two MRI Units - an Open MRI and a high-field MRI unit to offer broadest choice to the referring physicians. Gross Income (2011 projected): $1.9 million; adjusted EBITDA: $780K; Assets: $1.5 million (included in asking price); Employees 9. ... more details

cardiogram_icon SOLD Tech - 3107- Profitable, high volume, Imaging center offering multiple modalities (Open MRI and CT Scanner) in a major metropolitan area in the Midwest.. The center was built and has been in operation for past eight years and offers open MRI and CT scans. It is in a leased building in an area of around 2,900 square feet. The assets include Hitachi Altaire (Oct 2002 model) MRI machine and GE CT Lightspeed Qxi. Both MRI and CT accredited recently. Gross Revenue (2011): $969k ; Adjusted EBITDA (2011): / $188k (radiologist buyer) ; 2011 volumes: MRI - 1,406, CT - 613. Turnaround opportunity at an attractive new price. Seller selling to focus on other centers in different state. Ideal for a Radiologist!. Asking Price: $500k; seller will finance up to 20% of the price.

cardiogram_icon SOLD Tech - 3222: One of the largest multi-modality Imaging Center in the South East with steadily increasing revenues (2010 revenues of about $12 million). This is state-of-the-art, very efficiently run imaging center with consistently increasing year-over-year revenues. It is a leading provider of medical imaging services in the area. Revenues (EBITDA) in millions: 2011(estimated)- $12.5 ($3.75), 2010- $11.8 ($3.6), 2009- $10.9 ($3.4), 2008 - $9.1($2.9).

cardiogram_icon SOLD Tech-3237: Very Profitable Upright MRI Center in North East with Outstanding Growth Potential. This 6-year old ACR-accredited, free-standing UPRIGHT® imaging center is in a very affluent town near major metro areas. Gross Revenue (2011): $1.1 million, Adjusted EBITDA (2011): $433,000 / $548,000 (for a radiologist buyer), Lease Rate: $6,700 per month.
... more

cardiogram_icon SOLD Tech - 3231: Multi-center Imaging Centers / Radiology clinics in Southeast USA. This is an outstanding opportunity to acquire a 12-year old multi-location, multi-modal, ACR-accredited imaging center in South East USA. This is a leading provider of medical imaging services in the area. It provides radiology services to over 2,000 healthcare physicians and providers including general practitioners, specialists, and chiropractors. Gross Revenue (2011): $11.6 million. EBIDTA:$3.4 million Assets:$5.3 million. Projected Revenues / EBITDA: $13.9m / $4.9m (2012); $15.0m /$5.7m (2013)... more details

cardiogram_bullet_iconSOLD Tech-3292: Profitable Multi-modal, Open MRI Imaging Center in a Major Metro Area in the Midwest. This ACR-accredited center located in a strip mall in the proximity of physicians offices. The Center offers MRI, CT scans, X-ray and Ultrasound. The centers enjoy an excellent reputation with referring physicians. Current manager has been with the company for 2 years and is willing to stay on with the new owners. Gross Revenue (2012 projected): $530K, EBITDA (2012 projected): $140K, Asking Price: $450K


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