UNDER LOI: Tech-3394: Multi-specialty Practice with Multimodal Imaging Center, CLIA Lab and More

Tech-3394: Multi-Specialty Practice in North East PA

with Multimodal Imaging Center, CLIA Lab and More

A wide variety of Medical Services and a Very Active and Profitable Imaging Center

This multi-specialty business, in the medical corridor in Eastern Pennsylvania, about 75 miles from NY city. The facility is state-of-the art, capable of offering a full complement of services including neurology, interventional pain management, cardiology, imaging, laboratory services, and physical therapy. DSP Health System is an American College of Radiology (ACR) accredited facility.

Currently however, the Facility is offering Imaging, Cardiology Services, some Laboratory Services, and limited neurology services. Due to age and health issues of the owner, who is a cardiologist, the facility is not being utilized to its fullest potential and the owner is looking for a strategic buyer who can fully exploit the potential that facility offers. The previous owner was running his neurology and pain management practice and was grossing between $6-$7 million in revenue with an EBITDA of around $3 million.

The owner is now 73 years old, and he has had a couple of accidents in the last two years that has affected his health. At this stage in life, he does not have the energy and desire that he had five years ago and feels that a more energetic group with more resources and medical personnel can take this far much faster than he can. This is ideal for a hospital outpatient facility, a multispecialty practice, an urgent care, a larger imaging center, etc. The facility has all the resources to make it a thriving business for the right buyer.






Overall Business

MRI Business Overall Business

MRI Business


1.40 MM

907K 2.17 MM

1.01 MM


106 K

204K 400K


*Note – the imaging side of business is more profitable, and the medical practice side is not profitable currently because the overheads were too high compared to the revenue that was coming in. With the right buyer however, the revenues can multiply several fold (as it was with the previous buyer who used to have revenue of over $6 MM)


The ideal buyers for this business would be:

  • Physicians, Practices, Hospital Groups
  • Imaging Centers
  • Private Equity Group / Family Office with a platform in one of the above businesses.


  • Only independent Multi-modal imaging center in the area – includes virtually all modalities including High-field as well as Open MRI, 128 slice CT machine, Mammography with CAD, Ultrasound, Echocardiogram, and Digital X-ray.
  • 9,800 sq. ft. Facility with 5 exam rooms and two additional rooms that can be repurposed into exam rooms
  • Can easily accommodate 5-6 physicians
  • New Upgraded rooms for EMG, EEG
  • Cardiology Room for stress test
  • Turnkey Physical Therapy Area with modern, new equipment
  • Physician Office Lab with new equipment and new LIS
  • Well-equipped Physical Therapy room
  • Brand new roof, new generator, new phone system and many new AC units
  • Ample parking and right in the heart of Medical Alley
  • Upgraded and newer equipment


  • Asset Value: In place value of $2.3 M
  • Asking Price: $2.3 M for business (at asset value); $2.5 M for real estate (or long-term lease)

(Note: Although the seller has two adjacent buildings, the business is consolidated in the larger building and all of the expenses are based on just that one building which will be sold or leased with the business. The second smaller building with 7,000 sq. ft of space is also available).

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