My Buy-side Request for an Imaging Center

Looking to buy an imaging center and not finding one? Let us help you. Your putting as much details here about your requirements will motivate the sellers to contact us. Don’t worry, we will not post any personal details about you or the name or details of your company. Just a general description of your business and about your requirements.

Please fill in the form below with your requirements. This will help us find a suitable center.


Are you looking for a specific revnue range - e.g. $1M-$2M?
e.g EBITDA / Cash flow of $200-$600K. (Ebitda is roughly cash flow plus owner / operator's salary)
e.g. Southeast - Florida preferred
Describe in 100 characters or less what you are looking for
Describe what you are looking for in target center in 1000 characters or less.
This helps the seller understand a bit about you.
Strategic Buyer is someone who can leverage experience and contacts from the industry. Financial Buyer is someone who is interested because of the cash flow of the Center.
How much of cash have you allocated for the purchase?
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