Under LOI: Tech- 3411: One-of-a-Kind MRI, PET-CT Center in Southeast


Tech–3411: One-of-a-Kind Imaging Center in Southeast

Physician Owner Busy with Other High-Priority Projects
Significant Growth Possibilities

The Imaging Center is independently owned and operated in a highly desirable, business-friendly area. The area is rapidly growing due to space programs, defense spending, and infrastructure projects.

The facility housing this imaging center was custom-built in 2007. The physician-owner runs his neurology and neurodiagnostic practice on one side and the Imaging Center on the other.

The imaging side provides complete services for MRI, MRA, CT scan, PET scan, Ultrasound,3-D Mammogram, and X-ray. The neurodiagnostic practice, currently not for sale,  provides EEG, EMG, Ambulatory Video EEG, and sleep studies. While board-certified radiologists read the imaging studies, the owner, a board-certified neurologist, reads the neuro studies.

The Center is also utilized for some of the clinical studies. Some research studies for new drug candidates done via PET-CT can be pretty lucrative. The sleep center located in this facility is also widely used for research. A video EEG test, for example, fetches about $4,000 per test. The Center currently does two weekly, but this volume could be increased significantly. The sleep center is not part of this sale – the Seller can consider it for an additional price.

So, in many ways, this is a unique and one-of-a-kind Imaging Center offering almost all of the major modalities. It is in a beautiful custom-designed facility located in a desirable area that is growing rapidly, which will increase the need for more imaging.

The Imaging Center is in-network with multiple commercial insurances and Medicare. The Center is ACR accredited, and all the machines are well-maintained with service contracts.

The Center used to have a revenue of about $3+ million annually some 10-12 years ago. Even after accounting for reimbursement cuts, it can get $2-$3 million in revenue with good marketing.

The owner manages multiple sizeable real estate projects and cannot give full attention to growing the imaging business. Therefore, after 15 years in this business, he is looking to divest it to someone who can take advantage of the tremendous potential of the Center and continue the Center’s legacy of providing timely and caring professional services to its clients.

This opportunity is suitable for a variety of clients:

  • A Business / Strategic Buyer for the Imaging Business – Ideally, someone who has experience in the Imaging / Medical Business and can help grow the imaging business.
  • A Radiologist – Radiologist owner would have a much easier time growing the business.
  • A Neurologist – Radiology side can offer additional revenue and in-house MRI to a neurology practice. As a result, many neurology practices have an imaging center within their practice. Although Neurology Practice is not for sale, the Seller may consider selling it in future.


Financial summary data is described for the various buyers is summarized below.

(Straight line projection from 4 months)
2022** 2021* 2020* 2019
REVENUE $1,369,329 $456,443 $903,772 $1,172,887 $1,275,920 $1,436,897
EBITDA $250,203 $83,401 ($41,164) $45,231 $91,264 $63,575
REVENUE $1,369,329 $456,443 $903,772 $1,172,887 $1,275,920 $1,436,897
EBITDA $453,111 $151,037 $25,293 $286,449 $314,969 $344,885

*Note that 2020 and 2021 were affected by the pandemic. But even 2019 revenue and EBITDA are far below the potential of this unique Center. The historical data has shown that the Center, in the hands of a focused and motivated buyer, can bring in revenues of $2-3M. And no independent center can offer these many modalities in the surrounding area.

** In 2022, the Center was one day late in paying the licensing fees. It had to reapply and close down for six months (April-Sept). It could only do scans of self-pays and research studies.



The asking price of the Imaging Center is One Million dollars. The Center has not received much attention as the Seller focuses more on the other businesses. However, in 2023, it has bounced back very well, and it can do much better with a full-time manager. As shown in a later section on assets, MRI and PET Center Assets are valued at $850K.


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