Here are some of our completed Transactions. We would love to help sell yours!

Sold Imaging center / Radiology Clinics

SOLD: Tech-3107: Profitable, Multi-modal Imaging Center in the Mid West

8-year old center offers open MRI and CT scans. Gross Revenue (2011): $969k ; Adjusted EBITDA (2011): $188k (radiologist buyer). Ideal for a Radiologist!. Asking Price: $500 K.

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SOLD: Tech-3242: Profitable Multi-Location, Multi-Modal Imaging Centers in Northwest

 The Center with three locations is in a desirable urban area and with good growth potential. Gross Revenue: $3.19 million; EBITDA: $474K, (for a radiologist buyer: $871K).

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SOLD: Tech-3329: Very Profitable PET-CT Center in North East

Center is in a modern medical building across from a teaching hospital, in a very affluent county in the North East. Gross Revenue: $1.54 million; EBITDA 540K, Cash Flow to a Radiologist 656K.

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SOLD: TECH-3333: Profitable Women’s Imaging Center in the South East

A very well-established, modern Women’s Imaging Center in the South East serving the Community for over 25 years. Revenue: $1.44 million; EBITDA: $367K ($600K for a radiologist buyer); Asking Price: $1.35 million. Real...

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SOLD:TECH-3335: Profitable, Multi-modal, Multi-location Imaging Center in South East

Offers offer High Field MRI, CT, PET/CT, X-ray and Ultrasound. These are turn-key well-established centers. Total Revenue: $2.9 million; EBITDA: $530K.

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SOLD: Tech-3336: Once Profitable, Closed Down Imaging Center, Pain Clinic, in North East

Was Very Profitable, MultiModal Imaging Center with a Sleep Center, Pain Management Clinic, Physical Therapy Clinic and More in North East USA. Assets value:$3 million plus Real Estate.

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SOLD: Tech-3353: Very Profitable, Multi-location, Specialty Imaging Center

 This 10+ year old center has carved out a niche in MSK imaging. Has a strong brand name. Gross Revenue (2015): $1.4 million; EBITDA: $379,000; Locations: 10; Asking Price: $1.4M

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SOLD: Tech-3362: Upscale Women’s Imaging Center in the North East

Center is looking for a strategic Partner. Center has all new equipment and expected to break even in the current year and be profitable in 2018.

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SOLD: Tech-3368: Profitable Open MRI Center in Mid West

Located in major metro area in the Midwest, this Center has room for growth by adding more modalities. Revenue: $500K; EBITDA:$100 K (for a radiologist).

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